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David Beattie College of Science Artist in Residence

By the artist, Jun 21 2017 03:12PM

This month I was focused on completing a new work for a group exhibition in Rua Red, South Dublin Arts Centre. The content of the exhibition centred on digital media and my intention was to engage with this through analogue technology and performative sculpture.

Developed during my time in UCD, Raster explores the interconnected relationships of various materials and elements, through an exchange of electrons. The electrons transmitted by the cathode ray gun inside an analogue television, transfer to the glass and beyond through static electricity. The exchange of positive and negative charges will remain on an object that comes into contact with it until it is neutralised by electrostatic discharge. This discharge is often experienced as an electric shock when it flows through the human body. Raster examines how this flow of charge connects disparate materials and things displayed within the exhibition.

In early June I met with Dominic Zerulla and Peter Duffy in the School of Physics, discussing their respective fields but primarily focusing on solar cell technology and dark matter. This has been very fruitful in terms of focusing my research but also in terms of outlining my own practice and areas of interest to them. I intend to continue my contact with them over the summer months.

Finally an article in the summer edition of the Irish Arts Review came out recently that focuses on a recent work of mine that is in the IMMA collection and currently on view in the exhibition As Above, So Below. It discusses various aspects of my research and highlights the residency in UCD Parity Studios.

Images below:

1. Raster, 2017. Exhibited at RuaRed, South Dublin Arts Centre, May 2017

2. Irish Arts Review, Volume 34, p. 82+83

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