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Brian Duggan lives and works in Dublin, at times his practice may include sculpture, film, installation, printing, publishing and sound, all depending on the specific context where, when, why and how the work is being presented. Usually working from extensive research the artist navigates unusual cracks and problems within particular structural frameworks, taking both personal testimony, throw away comments and official documents to build and explore overlooked situations. He graduated in Crawford CCAD Cork 1995, and received his Masters from MA.VIS IADT in 2005. His work is included in the permanent collections of the Hugh Lane Gallery, the OPW national collection and the Irish Museum of Modern Art. He has undertaken residencies in ISCP New York, IMMA, CCI Paris, Braziers International, Project 304 Bangkok and ChangMai Thailand.


Selected solo exhibitions include: Crawford Art Gallery 2015, Balzer Projects Basel 2015, 391 days, Discovery, Art Brussels 2015, POSITIONS Berlin 2014, ISCP New York 2013, Limerick City Gallery, 2012; Visual, Carlow, 2012; Three Lives, RUARED, Dublin, 2012, and Irish Museum of Modern Art Process room, 2011. He was the co-Founder and co-Curator and co-Director of the multi platform Pallas Heights, Studios, Projects in Dublin from 1996 to 2009 with artists Mark Cullen and Gavin Murphy. In 2016 he will be exhibiting work in New York, Basel and Los Angeles. He has received several awards from the Arts council of Ireland and Culture Ireland. His work is represented by Balzer Projects, Basel, Switzerland.


Brian outlines his aims for his residency at UCD Science:

"I will be exploring the area related to 'Energy' and it's interrelated connections to the environment, people and society. This I imagine would primarily be in the Physics Department, and radiation, but I'm open to exploring new avenues and new networks as they open out during the residency. I'm also interested in radiology having recently undertaken a cranium MRI scan.


Over the past several years I have been working with various materials and installations, including low level radioactive objects. Exploring the post and pre disaster events in both Chernobyl and Fukushima, as well as post world war one American consumerist culture, specifically with Fiestawear pottery that was mass produced and contained uranium. These vintage items can still be sourced and I have undertaken several projects using these elements and a geiger counter with the public interacting and testing radiation. I have also used elements in films from studies around radionuclides in the pacific after the Fukushima disaster. The systems in place that manage and organise pre and post disaster situations are complex but often they overlook details and spaces that allow a new understanding of the events. Within these overlooked spaces there are mistakes and problems that can open out new models of thinking and experimentation. This residency is an opportunity to learn about new research, ground my projects in specific exploration, and link it to current thinking and peer reviews in the field."


More Info:

Artist's Website http://www.brianduggan.net/bd/home.html

Gallery website http://balzerprojects.com/brian-duggan-works/



Artist In Residence at UCD College of Science 2016

Brian Duggan, UCD Science 2016 Artist In Residence.