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Cindy Cummings (U.S.A) is an internationally acclaimed, award-winning dance artist based in Dublin. Cindy has evolved a mult-layered practice which regularly crosses boundaries between dance, theatre and live art. Cindy is one of the first dance artists in Ireland to become a member of Aosdána. She has presented her own work worldwide, has choreographed widely for theatre, film and TV, and has performed as an actor/dancer with many theatre and dance companies.


In anticipation of her residency with UCD Art in Science 2014, Cindy outlines her hopes for the year:


'As a free-lance dance artist - performer, choreographer, tutor - my work manifests in a wide range of forms with the body and its innate intelligence at the core. Unifying my practice are several themes: the centrality of play and humor as tools of creative interrogation; the vulnerable and mutable place of the body within contemporary society; a passion for scientific ideas, rigor and innovation; and a constant engagement with how the body in 4 dimensional space/time, interacting with visual, sonic and dramatic impulses, can be used as both medium and text of essential human communication.


Much of the work I create is seen as solo performance but inherent to the work, I consider my invisible partners: Site/context, Technology, Audience.


The relationship of the body to its environment is a essential idea to the work I create. I'm intrigued and inspired by the site and context in which a work is created, how it shapes the destiny of a piece and instigates unforeseen challenges to the overall work.


Working with technology, I'm not interested in an adherence to a strict set of sequenced movements but prefer to create a score of actions within a specific context to allow a certain amount of live interaction and play with the material.


Essential to creating work for live performance is the practice of perception: exercising your own while being observed by other people and accepting that although they're having an enormous influence on what you are doing in that moment, ultimately you have no control over how and what they are perceiving.


Exercising and experimenting with physical and perceptual possibilities is the basis of my teaching, Serious Play. The studio is my personal laboratory and my body the site of experimentation. With playing seriously, I create structures to allow a focused and intentional questioning of the body's intelligence and it's immediate response to the environment and other bodies, which is reflected in their dance.


Creating work through a collaborative exchange is my preferred process of working.'


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Dancer and choreographer Cindy Cummings