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Originally from Bochum, Germany, David Stalling is a composer, sound and installation artist, improviser and creative researcher since the early 1990s. With a sensitivity to the sonic nature of both lived in and imagined worlds, David's practice transcends the traditional definition of composing, utilising a variety of media: acoustic and electronic sound; field recordings and found objects; video and lighting. He also experiments and improvises with self-built instruments and microphones. He has received numerous commissions and awards from the Arts Council / An Chomhairle Ealaíon and Culture Ireland. His works have been performed and exhibited widely in Ireland, England, Germany, Egypt, USA, Newfoundland, Australia, and China. He has been a co-curator of the Hilltown New Music Festival since 2009 and co-director of the sound art record label farpointrecordings.com. David is represented by the Contemporary Music Centre Ireland and is currently based in Dublin.


On his residency with UCD Art in Science 2014, David speaks of his aims:


‘As part of an artist residency at UCD, I would like to work on the sonification and visualisation of growth and decay processes in biological systems. I would like to gain a deeper understanding of these processes, seek out pattern across systems, and gather a body of artistic raw material, which will inform my work. I am particularly interested in the consequences of human actions on flora, fauna, and ecosystems. My process will entail meeting with scientists to get to know their practice, and exploring the diversity of the UCD campus grounds, gathering sonic, visual and text materials, including scientific data. These materials are brought into the studio where they are edited, further explored, processed and integrated into the fabric of my work.


I would then orchestrate a series of events on the UCD campus based on my findings. A series of small-scale audiovisual installations throughout campus would be like foreign species being introduced into a new environment. These installations would have an interventionist character as they are presented in non-traditional spaces for experiencing art. I envisage these to grow and develop rhizomatically. In this way, the form of the work replicates the content of my study.'


For more information on David please visit www.davidstalling.com

Composer David Stalling performs with Strange Attractor: In a Quinary Landscape, Studio Soto, Boston, 2012.

Photo: Doreen Kennedy




For violin and tape (2009)

Performed by Cliodhna Ryan, violin

Treetop Heronry: Parents return with food for young. Phoenix Park, Dublin

Field Recording (2012)