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Fiona Marron is a visual artist based in Dublin, Ireland. She holds a BA in Fine Art from Dublin Institute of Technology and an MA in Visual Arts Practice from IADT Dun Laoghaire.  Solo exhibitions include ‘Co-location’ at RUA RED South Dublin Arts Centre, Ireland (2013), ‘Last and First Men’ at The Joinery, Dublin, Ireland (2011),  ‘As Topic and Tool’ at The Joinery (2010) and ‘For Who Knows What’ at FOUR, Dublin, Ireland (2009).  Recent group exhibitions include ‘In Free Circulation’ at Mother’s Tankstation, Dublin, ‘Ingenious Showcase’ at The Drawing Project, Dun Laoghaire, ‘We all live on the same sea’ at Sirius Arts Centre, Cobh, Co.Cork (2014), ‘At the level of entity’ at The LAB, Dublin (2013), ‘Portrait of Space’ at Clonlea Studios, Dublin (2011) and ‘Hidden Memories, Lost Traces’ at Sinopale: Third Sinop Biennial, Turkey (2010).  Her work has featured in several international art journals including Art Monthly (2014), Paper Visual Art (2012) and MAP (2011). In the pst she has undertaken several residencies including at Sirius Arts Centre (2014), Rua Red Researcher in Residence (2012-2013) and Reverse Pedagogy III at Model Arts & Niland Gallery, Sligo (2009). She has recently been awarded a residency as part the Digital Media Award at Firestation Artists’ Studios, Dublin and a production residency at Creative Spark, Dundalk, Co.Louth.


Of her plans for her residency with UCD College of Science, Fiona says:


'My work relates to several interconnected social systems, bound through an interest in mercantile and economic influence.  By means of encountering contexts of labour, together with the protagonists of these environments, I explore curiosities of behavioural traits that interest me most. My practice has evolved through engagement with both pre-existing and constructed situations within these contexts - the results of which are often manifested as video installations.  Throughout the past number of years, I have been developing work around specific researched histories, many of which focus on periods of significant transition. While identifying for consideration the individual and collective demographics involved in these transformations, my interest has developed to include the technology implicated in these transitionary phases.


Over the course of the residency at UCD, I aim to develop research related to my ongoing interest in communications technologies. I aim to produce new work that examines specific technological advancements in materials science, exploring the results of recent discoveries in the characteristics and potential uses of the material graphene, the one atom thick layer of carbon isolated from graphite. Graphene’s unique characteristics mean its one of the strongest substances known, and has huge potential for application in a range of products including medical devices, information storage, personal appliances and countless other fields of technology.  How graphene has opened up an array of new possibilities to technology is a prospect comparable to how other technological revolutions such as electricity and the internet brought about huge change in the world, and recognising this acknowledged phase is important to my broader practice interests. To engage in this current moment of unknown possibility, examining prospective advances in a research institution, will be of huge significance and should provide an interesting starting point and direction for artwork. I see the opportunity to gain insight into the future application of a material like this as a valuable counterpoint to the work I have developed in my practice to date which usually reflects on cases of obsolescence and historical changes in technology.'


You can see a short video of Fiona talking about her work at the beginning of her residency here






Artist Fiona Marron