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EVENTS  2017



by GLENN LOUGHRAN in collaboration with ROBERT EMMETT CDP




In collaboration with artist Glenn Loughran the Robert Emmet CDP will host a series of events over the coming months  which seek to engage with the historical legacies of industrial labour in the Dublin 8 area.



JUNE 9TH, 2017

The project began with Eimear Reidy’s performance of ‘Intermittence’ a suite for solo cello, on June 9th, 2017. This specially commissioned work was played for the community from the doors of the last “sewing factory’, in an area previously full of sewing factories.


The performance began at 11 o clock A.M and finished at 11.15. Historically, this time period signifies the first tea break of the day that the workers in the factory took. Ex-workers and local members of the community were invited to attend the performance and to say farewell to a space and a place that has been a rich part of the community.



First established in 1970, Dot Binding is the last in a long tradition of factories and warehouses that have occupied this building since it was built in the mid 1700’s. The current owners have been a rich part of the local community, employing men and women locally and throughout the Dublin 8 area. As it closes we would like to thank Paddy and his family for his contribution to the community over the years and to acknowledge the passing of this building as the passing of the industrial era. To mark this event artist Glenn Loughran in collaboration with the Robert Emmet Community Development project have commissioned world renown cellist Eimear Reidy to develop a 15 minute solo composition to be played from within the building, on the eve of its demolition.



The title of the piece developed by Eimear alludes to the history of sewing in the area. The intermittent mechanism in sewing machines creates the unique form of stitch common in industrial fabrication. Intermittent also points to the future of work after industrialisation where part-time, unprotected work becomes the norm. Composed in response to all of these elements, the piece will be punctuated by intermittent sounds that are stagnant and fragmented, calling us to reflect on present day questions concerning the future of labour.


1. The Here and Now

Calls out to the public to reflect on the historical emergence of modes of production and the human striving attached to the various aspects of work.

2. The Future Past

Recalls the energy of industrialisation at the turn of the last century, when the invention of modern machinery held much promise for the future of society.

3. Ask Frankie

Reflects on the modes of exchange inherent to the working day, specifically the time of the fifteen minute tea break, where In factories all over Ireland workers would listen to the radio programme Ask Frankie.

4. After the Future

Poses the question: “What Now?”.






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