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Mark Cullen creates installations and artworks that stem from his interest in science, space, technology, futurology, music and art and how these ideas work with the imagination. He explores ideas of place, or site or space, by “immersing” the viewer in the artwork – he wants the viewer to become a participant in the work, not just an observer of it.


"I address the grey area where science and science fiction co-exist in order to create works of art that have relative consistency with each other. Through sculpture, installation and image making I am interested in engaging a sense of where the trajectory may take us – what lies ahead. Motifs, forms and materials, such as lenses, lights, rhombic repetitions, the play of light passing through holes, uses of aluminium insulation, and mandalas are reiterated through different versions contained within a relative world view somewhere between fiction and fact. Specifically my recent work addresses time, sleep, suspended animation, space travel, mortality, geometry, crystallisation, five fold symmetry and meditation.


While science and technology have become the basis for the dominant paradigm of our time, positivist reality has become immeasurably more complicated and weird since we have the ability to scrutinise the quantum universe. Our separateness is questioned, objective reality has been undermined by its findings. Interestingly the subject is being dissolved into an infinite system of connections and relationships that are consistent with non-scientific mystic wisdom from across the world, achieved through meditation,

observation, and crucially perception.


Past works include “Ark, I could sleep for a thousand years” Dublin Contemporary, STAR P*WER at Flicker, The Burren College Gallery, Star Gazing at 52° North at Synaesthesia Sat, Workhouse Birr Arts Festival, MAIM XI for Irish Museum Modern Art, Temporary Portable Reservoirs at The Hugh Lane Municipal Gallery, Dublin and Siege House, London, Cosmic Annihilator, an installation at Pallas Heights and Open EV+A (curated by Dan Cameron 2005) Limerick City Gallery.


Mark is the co-founder and co-director of Pallas Projects and Studios. Pallas, through it’s various guises and programmes has been a key exponent in experimental art practice in Dublin.


'Mandala', Sculptural Installation made on the cumlimantion of Mark's residency at UCD Science.













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