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Prof. McElwain is a research leader in Earth system science and plant evolution. Over the past 20 years her research and teaching have focused on the development and use of palaeobiological proxies to understand the evolution of Earth’s atmosphere and climate on multimillion year timescales and how fluctuations in both have influenced large scale patterns in plant evolution and ecology throughout Earth history.


Siobhán McDonald is an Irish artist who uses paint, sound, photography and drawing to explore processes of entropy and geological time. Her recent projects incorporate a number of processes and thematic elements in her study of light, sound and atmospheres in which the momentary and the ephemeral are recorded. Siobhán was Artist In Residence at UCD Science for 2013.


In this event Jenny and Siobhán delivered a joint public talk and tour of the laboratories at the Programme for Experimental Atmospheres and Climate facility (Péac), UCD. The event was part of the overall programme of events for the UCD Art In Science public exhibition Welcome Disturbances, in association with DCC The LAB.




Public Talk by

Prof. Jenny McElwain and Siobhán McDonald

April 4, 2015, UCD

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