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Siobhan McDonald is a visual artist and is Associate Artist in Residence at UCD, 2014. The study of Deep Time has been the unifying factor that has informed her practice since 2010. She is currently conducting a study of volcanology and geology encompassing the subjects of Solar Activity and Light which examines the instability of our planet, through material effects that act as agents of Deep Time. Siobhan is working with Dr. Tom McCormack (Senior Lecturer,) and Prof. Padraig Dunne (UCD Physics, Head of School) at UCD College of Science in a series of experiments inspired by Light and Optics, exploring the many and astounding ways in which nature manifests itself and adapts to its environment. The extension of her research into physical processes and experiments has been encapsulated through fieldwork in Iceland, and has been used to explore the transformative potential of light, translated into artistic forms such as sound composition and light installation. She is also working with Professor Chris Bean (School of Geological Sciences,) on the Futurevolc project.


Artist's website: http://www.siobhanmcdonald.com/


Futurevolc project: http://futurevolc.hi.is/


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Artist Siobhan McDonald

Artist Siobhán McDonald