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Sixth Sense Door

An exhibition of tapestry, collage and treasured things

Lorna Donlon

Date: September 9 - 18

Venue: Ground floor, O'Brien Centre for Science, UCD


nature has no label on itself.

ear. eye. nose. skin. tongue.

5 doors.

what enters through these doors

does not make us.

it is through the sixth sense door.

that we and nature are made


Lorna Donlon is a tapestry weaver, textile artist and student at UCD School of Biology and Environmental Science. She is also a magpie person who collects, orders, assembles and

exhibits objects and ideas she finds around her as she goes about her day.  Among her cabinets of curious collections are things she has collected over years; a tiny bee clutching a flower, her own teeth wrapped in fabric, a matchbox full of her daughter’s pencils pared down to stubbs, medieval looking precision tools, plant extracts and equipment from her lab upstairs. These cabinets, together with her tapestries, celebrate the tradition of narrative, both objective and subjective and question the distinction between the two.


Her collaged images are created as ideas for tapestries that will most likely never be woven. They are inspired by The Lady and the Unicorn, that hangs in Musée national du Moyen Age. This famous series of six tapestries woven in Flanders from wool and silk, is commonly

interpreted as depicting the five senses – taste, hearing, sight, smell, and touch. The sixth diplays the words “À mon seul désir”.


Prior to becoming a student of science through UCD Access and Lifelong Learning, Lorna  spent 12 years teaching weaving at Grennan Mill Craft School in Kilkenny. She is still learning how to be a good weaver. She was taught loom weaving by Alice Roden in the late 1980’s and continues to learn about tapestry weaving from Lynne Curran in Italy. She increasingly makes ‘objects’ and creates arrangements that examine how we shape and build our world through our senses and the stories we tell.


If you would like to buy or commission work please contact Lorna Donlon at lorna.donlon@ucdconnect.ie



Lorna Donlon exhibition