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Sofie Loscher is a visual artist whose practice focuses on installation with a scientific underpinning. She holds an MA in Sculpture from the National College of Art and Design (NCAD) and a BA in Visual Arts Practice from the Institute of Art, Design and Technology (IADT), Dún Laoghaire, Ireland.


On the UCD Art in Science Residency 2014, Sofie outlines what she hopes to achieve:


'My work has a very strong scientific underpinning. Physics is my main area of interest and more specifically the field of optics and perception. Fascinated by human perception, my work is the product of a belief in expanding and exploring this perception in terms of sensory experience. Currently I am creating large Installation works that are concerned with specular reflection, or the mirror like reflection of light from a surface. (‘on reflection’ & ‘waiting in the wings’)

I want to continue investigating and making works that are concerned with specular reflection. I am interested in the physical properties of light: it’s wave particle dual nature and how a material like glass can be used to slow down, block, reflect or redirect it. I have recently begun to make work that is concerned with the Peppers Ghost technique: a theatrical illusion that was developed in the mid 1800’s as a way to create ghosts on stage. With specular reflection at its core, a large sheet of glass spanned the entire length of the stage. A light was cast onto the hidden performer and their reflection became visible behind the sheet of glass on stage allowing the actors on the stage to interact with the reflected image, as if it were a ghost. The ghostly figure could appear and disappear by turning the cast light on or off. In my work, the composition of the elements has been altered, but the principle remains the same.


The illusion at play in my recent work sees unwired bulbs become illuminated. By placing a sheet of glass equidistance from two sets of lights (one lit, one unlit), the light from the illuminated set meets the glass and specular reflection occurs. This means that the light is reflected uniformly back at the inverse angle to the angle it hit the glass at and thus it appears that the reflection of the lit set of lights is actually the momentary illumination of the unlit set.


During the residency, I would like to undertake more research about optics and light theory, and how light can be used to create optical phenomena. I am interested in attending classes that are concerned with the behaviour and properties of light, reflection, refraction and perception. Material choices always play a vital role in my work so I would like to learn and experiment more with optical materials like mirrors, lenses and telescopes, with the intent of using them to in further works.'


For more information on Sofie please visit http://sofieloscher.ie


Artist Sofie Loscher

Artist Sofie Loscher