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A Collective Conversation

Mar 11, 2015. Dublin City Council 'The LAB'


Chaired and Organised by

Méadhbh O'Connor - UCD Science (2013) Artist In Residence



  • Annabel FitzGerald – Coastal Programmes Officer, An Taisce

  • Cathy Fitzgerald - Artist and PhD Scholar, NCAD

  • Tamara Hochstrasser - UCD School of Biology and Environmental Science

  • Conall O'Connor - Dept. of Environment, Community and Local Government

Organised as part of the Welcome Disturbances exhibition programme of events, Pathways Towards Sustainability. A Collective Conversation, was a panel discussion that mapped the ways in which individuals working in different fields are driving and implementing change towards a more environmentally sustainable future.


Rapid developments in earth system sciences over the 20th and 21st centuries have advanced our knowledge of the complex and interconnected nature of earth’s living and non-living systems. This has lead to a better understanding of our inextricable link to and dependence on highly complex biosystems, and of the impact of human activity on these. The collective goal-setting of sustainability is our expression of concern that humans ultimately will suffer the consequences of our impact on our fellow species and on the environment upon which they depend.  


The issue of sustainability spans science, politics, policy development, society, culture, industry and many other areas of human interest. In light of this, for this event representatives from science, environmental policy development, arts practice and ENGOs were invited to share their perspectives and experiences on how they are attending, in their own unique ways, to this central topic. The intention is to capture a picture of the work being carried out by these different agents independently of each other, in order to achieve similar goals in preserving a functioning biosphere for the enjoyment of future generations.


The event was a partnership between UCD Art In Science and Dublin City Council The LAB).


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Camera – Jenny Brady (DCC The LAB)

Part 1 – Cathy Fitzgerald - Artist

Part 5 – Q & A

Part 4 – Conall O'Connor – Dept. of Environment, Community and Local Government

Part 3 – Tamara Hochstrasser - Plant Biologist

Part 2 – Annabel FitzGerald - An Taisce